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ABANDONED SEA by Emilia Ricotti. Synopsis in english

by Emilia Ricotti

"Abandoned Sea - Mare Deserto", throughout Danhaile's long-lasting monologue and a woman's cry, who represents the symbolic mother of the fallen among the mediterranean waters. The woman's cry meets the soul of one of the many immigrants' pontoons, this specific pontoon left Lybia's coast on march 25th 2015, carrying 72 people and sat leeward for fourteen extremely long days.
This nine-survivor tragedy asks many urgent questions, seeks precise responsibilities and recalls the dark side of our history.
From "Abandoned Sea – Mare Deserto"
"We have cut plastic bottles and drank urin out of them,
short pause
we drank it for fifteen long days, we combined sea water, urin and toothpaste in order to take out of water the salty taste and we drank it
That's awful!
Do you understand?
And I want to explain to you that by drinking it you feel like you're the last man on earth, you must win the horror, because there is no soldier nor hierarch that will hand you a bottle and tell you: go ahead and drink it.
No, he isn't there, he won't be there!
There is no such figure!
You must have the will to keep on living, regardless of the cold night, and the glaring daylight, the lack of food, the sound of the sea, which is there to broascast death and that bitter cup which will not be handed to you, but you search for it with fury, it is not a story about misfits, nor a challenge for bullies.
It's the work of far-away ghosts who cannot be touched by hand, nor be looked in the eye, nor you can fill your mouth while you're drinking and spit in their faces!
They are far-away ghosts wearing suit and tie; impeccable ghosts who stand in the sun light, followed and blessed, and you witnessed live death for 342 hours, for fourteen extremely long days, you followed it, searched for it and you saw it! It came, went and came back again but it didn't forget the boat, death was the undisputed master!
Swab in hand, clock hands back and when the chest was about to burst, it still was the master of those shaking chests, then it went away, but just for a while.
Then it came back as aggressive as it was, looking for a shaky mind and helped to take over it, looking for an accellerating heart and forced it to explode, death was made of coming and going, reason why you often couldn't see its arrival, as when impatiently it came along and made you fall asleep with its freezing temperature, and only with the first ray of light your fellows understood that this time they were looking at your enternal sleep.
Live death was breathing on your neck and you were willing to give her a hug and give up everything, in order not to look, but maybe who knows, someone has moved her away from me just to let me tell you about these 342 hours in the sea.
(with a determined voice) And it is for this reason that I must tell, I must tell!
And somebody, I'm sorry to say must, but must listen and imagine how life was on that boat and on the one of all those immigrants.

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